#134: Seeking Out New Partnerships for Your Nonprofit

communication strategy marketing strategy partnerships podcast Nov 11, 2021

Your organization is not required to save the world by itself.

In fact, nonprofits are uniquely qualified to seek out partnerships that will further their programs, or help them launch new ones. It’s almost part of the DNA of charitable groups to seek out collaborations, and that’s something you should take advantage of as we head into 2022.

Some heart-centered organizations hesitate about partnerships. They wonder:

  • How will we blend goals, resources, even staffing assignments?
  • What about mission creep?
  • How do we make sure all the partners feel they are getting enough credit?

But the benefits to seeking out collaborations absolutely outweigh the cost. This applies in both nonprofit partnerships, but also in your relationships with the business community, which absolutely wants to help nonprofits succeed - for both philanthropic reasons and because it reflects well on them. 

This podcast talks about the joy and the power of partnerships and how - with some smart marketing - you can make sure these collaborations work well for your organization and your newfound allies.

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P.S. Here’s the guide that I mentioned in today’s podcast about securing corporate sponsorships and partnerships. I created this guide from the knowledge and expertise that I gained from my corporate days when I was giving money to nonprofits, so the do’s and don’ts come from real hands-on experience that I think you’ll find helpful. 


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