#122: 5 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs Marketing Help

communications marketing strategy podcast Jul 16, 2021

There are many circumstances when a nonprofit’s leadership has no problem with engaging outside help. Accountants, attorneys, even the facilitator for a board retreat - all are typically hired outside of the organization. 

But there is often resistance when an organization looks for outside help for marketing and communications. The reasons why can range from thinking it’s unnecessary (“Who could possibly communicate our mission better than our ED?”) to fearing the cost (“How will this impact our overhead ratio?”)

Both arguments might be short-sighted. Passion and enthusiasm can’t win a nonprofit the support it deserves - at least not by itself. It has to be coupled with a strategic plan that clearly communicates a nonprofit’s message to current and new supporters in a way that maximizes the benefits.

In this episode, I discuss five benefits of engaging outside marketing and communication help:

  • Having a fresh set of eyes review your communication strategy and marketing assets
  • Expanding the capacity of your staff
  • Avoiding too many “cooks” in your marketing “kitchen”
  • Protecting your brand identity
  • Cost effectiveness

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