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#110: 2020 Marketing Lessons Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Next Year

communication strategy marketing strategy podcast Dec 06, 2020
2020 Marketing Lessons Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Next Year

Normal might be overrated. 

As we head into 2021, I think many of us are torn by the idea of “returning to normal.” Of course, we want things to improve from the unrelenting challenges of 2020. We want lives saved and economic prosperity to return. But I think we also want things to be better than they were before coronavirus invaded our lives. 

COVID-19 was a crash course for almost every nonprofit in how to survive, how to revamp your operations during a pandemic, and how to reach out for support even when everyone is hurting. 

Once the strain of any hard situation starts to level off, it's easy and even comforting to slide back to how things were - to return to “normal.” 

We have an amazing opportunity, however,  to shape our future using the lessons learned in 2020, especially if we take the time to look back, explore what we did right and wrong, and then proactively factor it into how we move forward.

In this episode, I talk about my top five things I don’t want to forget from 2020.

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