How to Make Your CTA Buttons More 'Clickable'

communication strategy digital marketing Aug 17, 2021
Closeup of hand working a computer mouse

Call to Action buttons take up only a tiny piece of real estate on your email communications or website, but they can be key to getting your audiences to donate, volunteer, or otherwise support your cause.

Here are a bundle of ways to make your CTA buttons more "clickable"  and drive up engagement.

  • Avoid the commonplace. Nothing will cause your readers' eyes to glaze over more than boring phrases like "Click here" or "Submit." Trade them in for a more descriptive phrase that captures the imagination, like "Join Us" or "Stop Childhood Hunger" or even "Learn More."
  • First person speech. This is an interesting one. Conversion expert Michael Aagaard discovered that a CTA button with the word "my" did much better than one with the word "your." So if you are encouraging someone to learn about your organization, ask them to "Get My Report" not "Get Your Report" - it will likely double your clicks.
  • Urgency. The addition of the word "now" or "today" will stress the importance of your request and that it requires swift action.
  • Dress up your button - but not your text. Making your buttons a little more exciting by using arrows or small graphics can attract attention, but keep your text clean and simple. You don't want to make the call to action hard to read because you used a fancy font.
  • Contrast your colors. Job one for any good CTA button design is capturing the attention of your reader. Make sure to use colors that stand out against your background while conforming to your organization's brand guidelines.
  • Don't forget to test. When possible, A/B test all elements of your CTA buttons, including color, position, language and general design.

Need some ideas for good, concise, highly clickable CTA messages for your buttons? Here’s some to consider:

  • Join Us (great for events)
  • Make a donation
  • Join the Fight
  • End Hunger Today
  • Support Cancer Research Now
  • Get My Report
  • Learn More Here
  • Support Animal Rights Now
  • Sign the Petition
  • Keep Me Informed
  • Subscribe
  • Volunteer with Us
  • Start Today
  • Partner with Us