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donations sponsorships Sep 17, 2017


How to Build Corporate Donations into $5K - $500K+ Partnerships for Your Nonprofit

Your nonprofit needs exposure and income like a garden needs sunlight and water. 

Without it, your mission will falter. Limited exposure hides your cause in the shadows, unable to generate the engagement you need with the people who require your services. And if your nonprofit can’t be seen, it can’t engage those who want to support your nonprofit and shower it with their expertise, time or money.

All of this means marketing is essential, but budget and time limitations often prevent nonprofits from getting the exposure they need to make the impact they are striving for.

So what’s the solution? How do small nonprofits get funding beyond the ups and downs of donor dollars to secure the consistent support they need to grow programs and increase awareness?

Nonprofit Sponsorship Guide DO'S and DON'TS

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One of the best ways to augment your budget for marketing and program development so you can carry out your mission each and every day is to become a master at securing sponsorships.

Sponsorships not only provide marketing and financial support to execute programs, provide services and host fundraising events, they can also evolve into long term partnerships from businesses and organizations whose corporate values align with your cause.

When that happens, the impact of your nonprofit can expand exponentially.

So rather than thinking of sponsorships as a means of securing a minimal amount of funding for a one-time effort (like an event or program) as most nonprofits do, I’m going to share with you how to strategically approach the process of securing sponsorships in a way that will add to the long-term growth and impact of your nonprofit.

And what makes me such an expert? In addition to years of helping nonprofits like yours secure the big bucks from large businesses and corporations, I was – once upon a time – the person being asked for the corporate patronage. For nearly a decade as the Community Relations Manager for a large corporation, I was in charge of reviewing requests by nonprofits and giving them thumbs up or thumbs down.

Most of those requests ranged from $50 to $10,000, but for those who made their requests strategically, a one-time sponsorship could lead to long-term partnerships with the nonprofit securing upwards of a quarter-million dollars for their cause. 

And that’s what this message is all about. I’d like you to think a little bigger on behalf of your mission-driven cause and envision businesses as potential partners in your mission - with a financial investment to match. Developing these long-term relationships can be a big boost to your bottom line - and will also help you build your nonprofit so you can help even more people with your programs and services. 

So let me be your guide in discovering the Do’s and Don’ts to Securing Sponsorships That Can Become $5K-$500K Plus Partnerships.

Today I’m sharing personal insider insights and advice on how to cultivate relationships with companies who are looking for strategic partners in their philanthropic endeavors.

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I walk you through a few of the most important DO’S and DON’TS to securing sponsorships and share insider info that will help you become a sponsorship master!