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#38: Your Marketing Won’t Get Better Without THIS Plan

marketing strategy podcast time management Jun 16, 2019

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Once time is gone, it’s gone.

It’s your most important resource, it’s incredibly precious (in fact, it’s kind of priceless),  and how you choose to spend it may be the most important factor to your nonprofit’s success.

If you aren’t getting the work done to make the impact you want, then something has to change - and most likely, it’s how you manage your time. But here’s the good news: the more you plan, the freer you will be. In this episode, I share the wisdom I get from the coaching I get from Master Life Coach, Brooke Castillo and how it’s changed my approach to time and what needs to get done.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why your to do list isn’t a plan.
  • How being in “reactive” mode is costing you time.
  • How giving yourself time for unplanned tasks will spare you a lot of grief when the unexpected happens - like it usually does.

Do you control your day, or does your day control you?  
If it’s the latter, this podcast will help -
I promise.

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