#143: Time Is Not Your Enemy

marketing strategy podcast time management Jan 27, 2022

The pressure we put on ourselves because of time often makes us feel like time is the enemy. But it really isn’t. It’s more like a currency that is yours to spend as you see fit.

The question is - are you spending it wisely?. 

You might be working evenings or on weekends, just grinding it out and getting things done. I have no doubt that you are a talented multi-tasker and that you aren’t actively wasting time. 

But here’s the hard question you need to ask yourself: Is all that work, all those tasks, all that time truly growing your nonprofit and expanding your impact?

I’m convinced taking a fresh look at time and how you spend it will allow you to gain back precious hours (even days) so you can have more time for yourself - and for the things you want to accomplish for your nonprofit.

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