#72: Woman on a Mission: Laura Gisborne

podcast time management women on a mission Feb 15, 2020

In this podcast, I interview the amazing Laura Gisborne - a serial entrepreneur who has started nine different businesses in the past 30 years. Her current passion is Limitless Women, a community of business professionals who are also raising funds to heal poverty around the world. Last year alone, this community raised $300,000 towards that cause.

One of the reasons I wanted to talk to Laura is because she’s been highly active in the nonprofit sector and understands the many challenges that nonprofit professionals - from founders to marketers to managers - face day in and day out. They are very similar to the challenges that women in the private sector face, and the biggest one is feeling we don’t have enough time.

The time is there, she says, but we have a tendency to get distracted from the things that truly matter - in both our lives and our work. The key, she says, is identifying the things that matter, that align with our “superpowers” and to limit yourself to three or four things to do in one day - not 20 or 25. 

We talk at length about her Fast Focus Process that boils down to three essential elements: 

  • How to tell essential activities from inessential ones, and start working only on the crucial ones.
  • How to stay on track, avoid distraction, and make the most of your work time
  • How to only do what gets results and stop wasting crucial time

Spoiler alert: A calendar is key; you aren’t required to do everything; and your “to-do” list should go right out the window.

That’s just a taste of the inspiring and very practical message Laura has to share with us. 

If you want to learn more about Limitless Women, check out this website:



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