#69: The Marketing Metrics That Matter Most

podcast Jan 25, 2020

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One of the reasons I find that nonprofit professionals shy away from marketing metrics is that it can be confusing. There’s a lot of numbers out there and many of them seem to be meaningless, providing no discernable context to help you capitalize on good numbers or change things up when they aren’t so good. 

Often, marketing feels like this black box experiment. You create an appeal or an email or a call to action, there’s a result, but you are mystified by what happened in the middle. It works or it doesn’t, but you have no idea why. 

Metrics allow you to peer into that black box and get a clue about what is happening, which in turn gives you options to change elements of your marketing to better reach your goals. But not all metrics are created equal.

Today’s podcast talks about the metrics that matter - and what you can do about them.

In the course of today’s episode, I mention a couple of resources and here are the links to them.

  • Donation Page Essentials Guide in case your Donation Page isn’t getting the conversions you expect.
  • A tool to test if your emails are being read as spam:


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