#145: Someone You Should Know

podcast women on a mission Feb 24, 2022

Being bold is good - whether you are in the for profit world or the nonprofit world.

In the corporate sector, the names associated with being audacious and meeting the moment are measured by their profitability or market share. Folks like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk or Tim Cooke. 

For nonprofits, the goals are different, but they often require just as much audaciousness as their for-profit equivalents. 

Which is why I wanted to talk today about Debbie DiCarlo, CEO of Cancer Support Community Arizona. She has leveraged her nonprofit experience, grown with it and is now using it to ambitiously address issues that come straight out of the headlines.

When she recently won a coveted and very competitive fellowship, she didn’t use the opportunity to figure out how to get more donors or streamline services (although those are both worthy goals for someone leading a big organization). Instead, she decided to tackle diversity, equity and inclusion. Not only in her organization, but in how CSCAZ reached potential clients. 

She is fearless about the hard conversations and the work to make sure that the community she is building is welcoming to all who need it. 

I can’t wait for you to meet Debbie DiCarlo.

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