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7 Simple, Quick and Easy Summer Fundraising Ideas

From years in the nonprofit sector, I know that many nonprofits tend to “go dark” in the summer months.

There’s lots of understandable reasons for this. Supporters might be out of town or would rather spend this precious time with family. Can you really get enough people - and raise enough money - at a summer fundraiser to justify the effort?

Plus, you’re already busy working on that big fall fundraiser - the gala, the fashion show, the awards dinner with...

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Nurturing New Donor Relationships


How to Retain New Donors and Increase Their Giving

Here’s a couple of startling statistics about retention rates from a recent report by The Fundraising Effectiveness Project, which analyzes giving at more than 10,000 nonprofits each year. On average, it reports:

·      19% Of First Time Donors Are Retained.
·      63% Of Repeat Donors Are Retained.

So if you have someone who has given to your organization a...

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Capturing New Supporters for Your Cause


How to Capture the Information You Need to Turn Event Attendees into Lifelong Donors

You know they’re out there.

The people who – if you could connect with them – would become passionate supporters of your nonprofit. They are your next donors, next volunteers, next ambassadors, maybe even the next person to join your Board of Directors.

The problem is you’ve got to find them.

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I hear you! It’s the #1 challenge nonprofits I’ve worked with...

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Keeping the Money Rolling In


How to Extend the Life of Your Fundraising Event and Exceed Your Goal

In the nonprofit world, annual events are the Academy Awards of your fundraising efforts. Whether it’s a fashion show, (one of my favs!) an awards gala or a golf tournament, these are the big-ticket items that bring lots of dollars to your bottom line…..or at least that’s the goal right?

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But, they are also some of the most stressful times for all those involved in making them happen. I...

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Checklist + Samples to make sure your donation page has all the essential elements needed to convert and collect donations!