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#75: Your Small Nonprofit’s Biggest Asset

As a small nonprofit, you have a big mission, big plans, big dreams, big goals and big problems that you’re working hard every day to address through your organization. Sometimes you might be tempted to wish you had some of the assets of larger organizations to accomplish more.

But one of the biggest assets you have at your small nonprofit is the very fact that you are small.

It makes you more nimble to address problems in real time. It lessens the amount of red tape you have to go...

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#57: Nonprofit Guide to Event Marketing

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Filling the room (or the charity sporting event or the holiday lights tour or any event you use to raise funds for your cause) requires a different type of marketing than your regular outreach.

While your mission is still front and center in this type of marketing, there is a big difference because you’re selling an experience as much as a cause. 

So how can you create buzz for your event and boost ticket sales, registrations or attendance? You need two approaches - one for...

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#56: How Your Nonprofit Can Leverage Content

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In the nonprofit marketing world, content is king. It's what emotionally connects your cause to your audience, helping you retain current supporters - and find new ones. 

And content creation has amazing ROI - it’s something that you (or a talented volunteer) can develop at little to no cost, other than the time you take to do it. 

Today’s episode covers three key aspects of your nonprofit's content: 

  • how to audit what you have to make sure it is current...
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