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#68: What Nonprofits Can Learn From This AMAZING Speech

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On this very special day when we celebrate the great civil rights leader, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I wanted to talk about how much Dr. King’s work has to show us about how we communicate our mission and our vision as organizations that are looking to change the world and make it a better place.

As the cartoonist and blogger Hugh MacLeod once noted, selling on item on TV via advertising is marketing, but so is the “I Have a Dream” speech. And there...

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#30: A Power Tool To Make You a Better Nonprofit Marketer….and so much more!

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There are certain things that we do that not only make us healthier, happier human beings, they make us more effective doing the work we love. Getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising are the Big Three.

But there’s another one you might want to try if you aren’t doing it: meditating.

This is the tool I turn to time and again in both my personal and professional life. It not only reduces stress, it helps boost my creativity. It’s the break I treat myself too...

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#25: Maintaining The Motivation To Do Your Best Work

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You cannot pour from an empty cup.

That truism is the center of today’s podcast, where I talk about engaging in a little professional self-care, so you can keep motivated to do the heart-centered work you do.

As much as you believe in your nonprofit organization, I bet there are times when you just feel tapped out.  There’s a constant pressure to increase awareness, attract and retain more donors, and just do more and more to move your mission forward.

But you...

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#10. The Most Powerful Fix For Marketing Fatigue

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Marketing fatigue goes hand in hand with motivational fatigue.

It happens.

With so many marketing pieces in play each and every day as we try to attract and retain donors, sometimes we get tired.

Add to that tech challenges, website woes and social media madness and the frustration builds by the minute.

But the real danger zone opens up when all that pressure begins to bring about feelings of doubt - doubting that you’re the right person for the job.  

When that happens,...

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