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#55: What You Need To Know NOW For Your Nonprofit To Run Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads are a powerful way to broaden your nonprofit’s reach, increase awareness, target audiences that are aligned with your cause, can get more people to your events, attract people to opt-in to your email list and much more. Plus, this can all be done with the limited budget many organizations are operating under.

The challenge is keeping up with the often-evolving regulations around Facebook ads, many of which are the result of the 2016 election, when it came to light...

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New Facebook Fundraising Tools, Part 2: How You Can Turn Your Nonprofit Facebook Page into a Fundraising Engine


Facebook’s dominance in social media hit another milestone in late June when the platform reached (and then quickly surpassed) 2 billion monthly active users, meaning that one out of every four people on the planet has a Facebook account they are regularly using.

Now, truthfully, a huge percentage of that growth has been in Asia and developing countries. If you are looking at Canada and the US, the number of monthly active users is more like 236 million. But still –...

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Your Facebook Donate Button, Part 1: How You Can Turn Your Nonprofit Facebook Page into a Fundraising Engine


Here’s an awe-inspiring number: 1.86 billion.

That’s the number of active monthly Facebook users. It’s a population larger than the biggest country in the world, China, and six times the population of the United States. About two-thirds of them (1.23 billion) are active daily users of the platform.

As the savvy leader of a nonprofit, you know that getting support for your mission-related work is not like “Field of Dreams” - you can’t simply...

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Checklist + Samples to make sure your donation page has all the essential elements needed to convert and collect donations!