Using GA4 to Empower Your Nonprofit Marketing Decisions

Sep 07, 2023

Numbers are empowering and help hold us accountable. 

Let Google Analytics (GA4) show you the way on your website.

Here’s a short list of what you can track so you can be accountable for meeting the goals that will help move your mission forward. 

  • Page views on your website - who’s going where; what’s the truly valuable information that they are seeking? 
  • Scroll tracking - when they get to a page how much of a deep dive are they doing? Scrolling will tell you. 
  • File downloads - do they want what you have to offer? If they download what you’ve got, you’ve got your answer. 


These are ways GA4 can empower your marking decisions and help keep you accountable to your goals. You got this! 


Watch this video to learn how to find all the juicy details inside GA4⬇️