The 7 MVP Marketing Metrics

Mar 06, 2024

Seven is a pretty magical number...


Lucky number seven. Seven days of the week. Seven wonders of the ancient world. Snow White’s seven dwarfs. The Magnificent Seven (or, if you prefer musicals, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers).


To that impressive list, we’d like to add our own contribution: The 7 MVP Marketing Metrics that you need to be tracking:


Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

CTR is like a popularity contest for links. It measures how many clicks a link gets compared to how many times people laid eyes on it (impressions). If a link has a high CTR, it means people like it enough to click. But if it’s on the low side, it’s a hint to spruce up the content or maybe adjust where it sits on a webpage or in an email. 

Open Rate 

Open rate is all about how many people actually open the emails they get instead of leaving them unread in their inboxes, AKA the “opens” versus “bounces” rate. Keeping an eye on this metric helps marketers figure out if their messages are on point and of interest. If not, subject lines, pre-headers, and other tactics can be used to make adjustments. 

Unique Page Views: 

Keeping tabs on page views lets you know how many times one person visited your webpage over a set time. It’s like a backstage pass to figuring out what content your audience likes best. It also provides insight into user engagement, guiding decisions on what kind of content should take the spotlight in future outreach. 

Leads Generated 

Leads generated are all about counting how many people are interested in what you’re offering. Opt-ins, event registrations, referrals - all of these will help you determine how well different channels and campaigns are doing in generating leads for future growth opportunities.    

% New Visitors:

This metric measures how many fresh faces (new unique visitors) have come to your website for the first time during a given period. This lets you know if you’re expanding your reach to new audiences, and it can help inform decisions about where to allocate resources for growth and maximum impact.


Tracking total donations or revenue generated from campaigns provides insight into overall performance and ROI from marketing efforts. It also helps marketers understand which channel offers more significant returns so they can adjust their strategy accordingly.

North Star Metrics Performance

North Star Metrics Performance is like the big boss indicator, ensuring marketing efforts support long-term goals regardless of of short-term successes or failures. These metrics give a clear picture of how things are going and if you’re moving closer to the overarching organizational goals you’re aiming for.