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Get a FREE Email Marketing and Communications Assessment for Your Nonprofit

Free expert review and advice on how your nonprofit can increase the effectiveness of using email to generate greater awareness and support for your good cause.


Here’s how we can help you get an efficient and effective email marketing and communications plan in place.

✔     We can take a look at how your nonprofit is currently using email.  

     Review how you’ve got things set up (no judgment...just a detailed review).

     Evaluate your layout and design elements, the frequency of your communications, the written content, click-through rates, your contacts and how you’re managing your lists. 

Then we can provide you with ‘data-driven’ information and expert guidance (a full and free report) on how you can make your emails an even more powerful and highly effective part of your marketing and communications outreach. We’ll compile the details into a report that will help you increase engagement and support from the people who value and appreciate what you do! 

Did You Know:

Nonprofits attribute 26% of their overall End-of-Year revenue directly to email. (Source: M+R)


Because we know this is THE BEST place to start to get your nonprofit’s email set up for success, we offer this ‘email assessment’ as an extra caring courtesy FREE of charge. 

You see, we really want your email outreach to increase your nonprofits impact. 

And, we know it can. 

It just needs to be strategically fine-tuned to do so. 

The email assessment we provide will give you what you need to make that happen. 

If you’re serious about using email as a marketing and communications tool to help elevate awareness and action for your nonprofit, we invite you to request this free email assessment. You won’t be disappointed. 

What’s the catch? There’s no catch. 

What do you get? An expert review of your nonprofits current email marketing and communications strategy with insights that will help you elevate its overall effectiveness in moving your mission forward. 

How does it work? 

   You fill out the request form. 

    We schedule a 10 minute meet and greet zoom meeting to gather a few details. 

    Our team of email experts then completes a deep-dive review of your nonprofits email marketing and communications strategy. ($300 Value) 

    We provide a full assessment report including data-driven information on what’s working and what can be done for better results.   

✔     Email performance 

✔     Segmentation Tips  

     Competitive Analysis

     And more! 

There’s no risk, no obligation and no charge!

Did You Know:

Open rates for nonprofit emails is between 15% and 17.5%. 

The Assessment Benefits:

They are all oh-so-good!

With your email assessment in hand…..

     You’ll know exactly what to focus on to increase the effectiveness of your nonprofits email outreach. 

     You’ll know the tweaks to make to get more people to open your emails. 

     You’ll have a clear email game plan for mapping out what emails to send when.  

     You’ll save so much time and frustration in trying to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. 

     You’ll be able to confidently make email a powerhouse marketing and communications tool - without all the guesswork.  

     Plus, you’ll gain insights to the latest ‘what’s working now’ email strategies  

It’s a huge value worth well over $300 that we offer only to nonprofits at no cost. 

Ready to get the insights you need to make email a more powerful tool for your nonprofit?

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