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Because Your Time is Better Spent on Your Mission - Not Your Emails.


Let’s Talk About What Kind of Email Support Would Help Your Nonprofit the Most

Your nonprofit has so many things to do in your day-to-day operations and, often, getting those emails out to supporters and donors falls to the bottom of the list. 

It’s one of those things that feels like it should be so simple, until you get to it. 

Sure, we all send emails almost every day. But day-to-day emails vs. strategic marketing and mass communications is a bit different.  There are a lot more components to having a systematic email approach that gets results:

✔     Making sure layout and design is optimized 

✔     Sourcing and writing valuable content

✔     Gathering details, quotes and images 

✔     Incorporating and testing links 

✔     Keeping subscriber lists up-to-date

✔     Properly segmenting your email list(s)

✔     Building your email list(s)

✔     Nurturing new subscribers

✔     Keeping emails consistent in tone and messaging

✔     A/B testing subject lines

✔     Keeping track of open rates, click-thru rates, and ROI to see what’s working!

Some of the above-listed tasks are creative, some of them are strategic and some of them are housekeeping, but the one thing they share is that they can be time-consuming. 

So you put off having a comprehensive e-mail plan and wind up rushing out emails when it’s absolutely urgent - to promote an event or end of year giving. And when they don’t do so well you feel that much more frustrated with email.  

Without consistency in developing email communications and campaigns that will engage your subscribers more fully and make connections with your organization stronger, your email outreach won’t provide the results you want and need.

Did You Know:

Email has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel ($40 for every dollar spent!).

But I know what you’re thinking. 

Yes, it would be so nice to have someone take care of our email outreach BUT….

✔     We should really be doing this ourselves….

✔     It’s just a few emails….

✔     It can’t be that hard…

✔     We need to invest more in the programs and services we offer, not for email support! 

Just for a minute, consider this: 

What if….

✔     You had a solid and consistent email marketing and communications process in place that did what you wanted and needed it to do (generate awareness, increase engagement and drive support for your cause) 

✔     Did so without consuming hours of precious time each month (so you had more time for pressing projects that need your time and attention)  

✔     Provided you with a clear return on investment that you could share with your boss or board 

✔     Delivered measurable results without the hassle of creating copy or managing layout and design 

✔     Had a clean, up-to-date, well managed and segmented email list


What kind of a difference would that make for you and your organization?

Here’s a small sample of the difference it has made for some of our amazing clients:

“Without worry, weekly emails are sent to our actively engaged list of donors and supporters and year-over-year we have seen increased open rates AND an increase in donations when we run email fundraising campaigns too!”

Carol Dykes, CEO United Way of Northern Arizona

“With one single list building strategy that Cindy May Marketing developed for us our conversion rate increased to 39%!”
(average conversion rate was 9.21%)

Armando Bernasconi, CEO Quality Connections

“With support from the Cindy May Marketing team email is now our #1 engagement tool. It’s what drives the majority of our traffic to exhibitions and virtual events.”

Liz McGinlay, Development Director Museum of Northern Arizona

Your Nonprofit Has More Important Things To Do Than Email…… We Can Do It For You.

Email is worth it - if it’s done right. 

People are checking their email once, twice, or more likely 15 times per day. (That’s the average!) And while everyone tends to take a “digital holiday” and stop looking at their Facebook and Twitter feeds, most people don’t take extended breaks from email. 

It’s just too important. 


Your email list is one of your nonprofit’s most valuable business assets. 


You just have to leverage it. 

And if the #1 reason you aren’t is because you don’t have the time to do it - well, that’s what we’re here for.

✔     To get a strategic and consistent email communications plan in place for your nonprofit 

✔     To make it happen without hurry and hassle

✔     To stop the guesswork about what works and what doesn’t

✔     To stop wasting time and energy in creating campaigns that don’t get results

✔     To help you build your list and attract the people who will support your cause

✔     To help you increase awareness and understanding about your mission 

✔     To help increase your retention rates 

✔     To help you nurture and build relationships with those who are drawn to your cause



We’ve Got a Full Suite of Services to Make Email Easy and Effective for Your Nonprofit

Email Communications

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we can manage the entire process of developing, designing and deploying your nonprofits email communications specifically suited for each individual audience that is connected to your cause.



They have made a comeback! Digital news you can use. It’s not a trend; it’s a way people consume information these days. Valuable information and compelling stories in their inbox about the impact your organization is making keeps people informed and inspired to stay connected to your cause.


Email Marketing and Communications Strategic Plan of Action

A 3- to 6- month strategic email marketing and communications plan of action that includes precisely timed emails that follow a framework and a flow that lead to the launch of highly successful email fundraising campaigns.


Email Campaign Management

Don’t have the time or resources to manage email campaigns for special events, fundraising, call for volunteers or advocacy? We can do that, and we do it well! Let us help you build, deploy, and manage your nonprofits email marketing campaigns.


Email Automation

Not sure how to automate new subscriber, new donor or pre- and post-event emails in a way that keeps people engaged and gets results? It’s one of our email super powers.


Email List Building

We’ll create a system to add more subscribers to your nonprofits email list that attracts individuals who are highly interested and aligned with your mission.   


Email List Clean Up

We roll up our sleeves and dig into the nitty gritty of cleaning up your email list so that your email list is set up in the most strategic and effective way to generate the best results. 


Email Communications

Why and How We Do It  

Why - because consistent email communications that are relevant to each individual audience connected to your cause ensures that you are meeting them where they are at, and providing them with what they want and need. It’s key to serving your audience at the highest level and directly linked to how your nonprofit retains clients and supporters (donors, volunteers, and advocates). 


✔     We work with you to define your email goals and objectives 

✔     We evaluate your audience and develop a strategy for content 

✔     We develop an email communications calendar 

✔     We coordinate and create content, graphics, layout, and design 

✔     We manage distribution 

✔     We track results 

✔     We provide monthly reports that reflect results


“I love sharing our monthly email marketing and communications report at our board meetings. It shows how valuable and effective email is for our organization.”

Gail Jackson - President / CEO, Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona


Why and How We Do It  

Why - because e-newsletters help build awareness about the impact you’re making and understanding about what your nonprofit is doing and why. It’s a communication tool that helps to keep your nonprofit top of mind and positioned in such a way that people will feel compelled to actively engage when you ask them to tell others about you, attend your events, volunteer and donate.


✔     We work with you to develop your e-newsletter strategy  

✔     We develop an e-newsletter communications calendar and content outline

✔     We coordinate and create timely content including organizational and event updates 

✔     We develop compelling graphics

✔     We optimize layout and design 

✔     We manage distribution 

✔     We track results 

✔     We provide monthly reports that reflect results 


“Our e-newsletter keeps everyone excited and informed about what we’re doing. We always get ‘kudos’ and ‘thank you’ email replies when we send out our e-newsletters.”


Diane Jarvis - Founder and Director, High Country Humane


Email Marketing and Communications Strategic Plan of Action

Why and How We Do It  

Why - because a well thought-out email marketing and communications plan can substantially increase how much people donate and how often.


✔     We work with you to define your email marketing goals and objectives 

✔     We conduct a comprehensive email audit 

✔     We determine what type of email communications to incorporate and when based on the following objectives: 

✔     Build awareness and understanding of your nonprofit’s mission

✔     Attract and retain donors

✔     Nurture prospects

✔     Generate immediate donor support

✔     We evaluate the set up of your email list (segmentation and tags) 

✔     We provide a detailed and customized 3-6 month strategic email marketing and communications plan including: 

✔     Development Calendar (timeline and tasks) 

✔     Communications Calendar (when and to whom)

✔     Content Outline (what to include in communications)


Did You Know:

For every 1,000 email subscribers, nonprofits only have 285 Facebook fans, 112 Twitter followers, and 13 mobile subscribers.

Email Campaign Management

Why and How We Do It  

Why -  because email campaigns done well help nonprofits address the no-time or no-budget marketing trap that provides the instant ability to connect with supporters to fundraise, educate and activate.


✔     We work with you to establish your email campaign goals and objectives 

✔     We define the type(s) of email campaign(s) to build 

✔     We identify the best time to distribute each campaign email   

✔     We develop the entire email campaign (messaging, content, graphics) 

✔     We launch, monitor, and adjust as needed  

✔     We track results 

✔     We provide a detailed results report


Email marketing allows nonprofits to increase donations by reducing the barriers to donating. Email is a more cost-conscious and less intrusive way to ask for donations than direct mail, which makes it far more effective.

Email Automation

Why and How We Do It  

Whybecause email automation is core to the relationship building process that is critical to the success of each and every nonprofit. 


✔     We work with you to determine when and where email automation can be used most effectively  

✔     We create customized and targeted email automation nurturing sequences designed to optimize results for: 

  • New subscribers 
  • New donors 
  • Volunteers 
  • Pre- and Post-Event  

✔     We manage the email automation set up process 

✔     We define the optimal number of emails to include in each nurturing sequence 

✔     We create the copy, layout and design for each email in the nurturing sequence


Did You Know:

4 billion people use email worldwide now, expected to be 4.5 billion by 2024.

Email List Building

Why and How We Do It  

Whybecause adding more subscribers to your nonprofit’s email list provides the opportunity to broaden your reach, serve more people and attract more donors. 

Your email list is one of your nonprofit’s most valuable business assets. You just have to leverage it.


✔     We work with you to develop the best list building (opt-in) strategy 

✔     We create your opt-in asset (valuable information in exchange for their name and email - such as a guide, report, or infographic related to your cause or expertise) VIEW EXAMPLES HERE >> 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

✔     We set up the opt-in funnel 

  • Opt-in form
  • Autoresponder email (tagged) 
  • Nurturing Sequence 

✔     We develop digital ads to drive targeted leads to your opt-in form  * Requires a digital advertising budget - $300-$600 a month suggested 

✔     We manage the digital ads (set-up, design, targeting, monitoring, optimizing) 

✔     We track results 

✔     We provide a detailed results report 


Did You Know:

Nonprofit spending on digital ads increased by 17% in 2019, with nonprofits spending an average of $0.07 for every dollar raised in online revenue. (Source M+R)

Email List Cleanup

Why and How We Do It  

Why - because the success of your email marketing and communications outreach is directly related to how you maintain and manage your nonprofit’s email list.


✔     We do a deep dive audit and review of your email list  

✔     We evaluate segments and tags 

✔     We remove duplicates 

✔     We review and remove bad bounces 

✔     We create an inactive subscriber list for re-engagement campaigns

✔     We check the status of deliverability

✔     We authentic emails to improve deliverability (DKIM and SPF set up if needed)  

✔     We clean up your entire email list 

✔     We provide a detailed ‘clean up’ report (what was done and why) 


Did You Know:

Overall email ROI is $42 for every dollar spent.

Email Newsletter Samples

You’ve known for some time that email needs some strategic attention to expand the reach, impact, and support your nonprofit wants and needs.

But you’re not sure what to do next, right?