FACT: The last three days of the year (December 29th, 30th, 31st) are the BIGGEST Giving Days of the year.

….with nerve-racking refresh button clicks,  just as big as nonprofits continually check the status of donations during those three days 😰.

Yes, I too plead guilty.

It’s for sure a nonprofit marketing blitz time of year.
Not to mention stressful.

Postcards in Mailboxes. 
Social Media Posts Galore.  
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns. 
Direct Mail Appeal Letters. 

And Emails. So many emails…..


Because it’s easy and inexpensive and should just be added to the end-of-year marketing mix? 

NOPE. Because end-of-year fundraising emails work.




According to the latest M+R Benchmark study, donors turned out in droves to click and donate online the last three days of 2018, and especially on December 31st where 24% of all December revenue came in.

But, with that kind of volume it’s crucial that your emails stand out from the inbox crowd. 

So the question is: Are your end-of-year emails set up to do that for you? 

Stand out from the crowd. 

Get noticed. 

Get opened. 

Get clicked. 

Convert, and bring in LOTS of DONATIONS! 

If you’re not sure. If you’re not confident. If you need some help. If you’re short on time.  

I’ve got you covered.

I’ve got a 45 minute Master Class with a complete Execution Guide to follow so that you have a standout email fundraising campaign ready to go right away!

It includes all the need-to-know marketing details about how to create and launch a high performing end-of-year email fundraising campaign (put to the test and proven by many nonprofits)!



Even better, you can start today. Yes, right now. 

No need to worry about attending a live webinar that doesn’t work with your schedule - 

I know you’re crazy busy. 

You’ll get instant access as soon as you enroll. Because studies show, you’re more likely to complete a task when you feel motivated. 

Tune into the Video Training, follow the step-to-step details inside the Execution Guide and you’ll be on your way to strategically developing a solid email fundraising campaign plan of action that can be ready to go within a few days.

Here's what's included. You'll get:

  • An email fundraising Campaign Goal Guide. The numbers will show you the way to success when you know what to follow. 
  • Key Planning Decisions Guide for the perfectly timed campaign. Yes, timing is everything! 
  • End-of-year Email Campaign Calendars. Seeing makes the process so much easier and I’ve got samples.  
  • The Answer To: how many emails should I send? 
  • Email Frequency Schedules that you can feel good about. Not too many and not too few emails.  
  • A simple Communication Framework to make sure your emails stand out from the inbox crowd and prompt inspired-action.   
  • The Ultimate Content Creation Guide for Fundraising Emails. Exactly what to include in each email with sample emails too!   
  • Step-by-Step Email Design Guide. Simple to follow and easy to create with the perfect (and free) design tool. 
  • What to do to get higher email clicks, more opens and greater conversions - meaning DONATIONS!

All of this bundled up inside an easy to access instantly Online Video Training (only 45 minutes - direct and to the point. No marketing fluff included) with a complete step-by-step End-of-Year Email Fundraising Campaign Execution Plan Workbook. 

With these two educational pieces combined (video training + execution plan) you’ll have exactly what you need to strategically develop and implement a high performing (i.e. lots of donations) end-of-year email fundraising campaign, efficiently and effectively. 

Ready to make sure your end-of-year email fundraising campaign stands out from the inbox crowd, gets noticed, gets clicked and brings in lots of donations this year?

Okay, let’s do this. 

And the best part? 

Your investment is just $47 $27.  




Looking for a little more one-on-one support in the process of creating your end-of-year email fundraising campaign? I’d love to help you even more! 

I’ve got 6 one-on-one, one-hour coaching spots open on my calendar during the month of November. 

We’ll Zoom (virtually face-to-face)  

We’ll strategize, review and discuss your: 

  • Campaign goal - how you’re going to get there.
  • Your Email Frequency Calendar - is it timed just right? 
  • Your Email Content and Design - is it set up to get clicks and convert? 
  • And any other questions you might have and need expert marketing advice on to make sure your end-of-year email campaign brings in lots of donations this year. 

Instant Access To: 
Online Video Training and Execution Plan 
PLUS One-On-One Coaching 

Only six spots available. First come first served. SOLD OUT!

Hurry. One-on-One Coaching Fills Up FAST. 


Mission Maketing School Masterclass

Two Options To Choose From


NOW $27!
50% off!

Instant Access To: 

Online Video Training and Execution Plan 




Instant Access To: 

Online Video Training and Execution Plan 

PLUS One-On-One Coaching


Honored to Serve:

A Note From Cindy….


I’ve used email marketing as an end-of-year fundraising tool for nonprofits for nearly a decade. Hundreds of email campaigns created, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations later, I’ve pinpointed the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful year-end email campaign…. and one that never delivers a dollar.

I created this special end-of-year email fundraising masterclass training to help you sidestep the major pitfalls of email marketing so you can confidently get on the path to using email as a serious end-of-year fundraising tool that generates a substantial amount of support.  All while marketing your mission in a powerful, impactful, and time-leveraged way.


I've worked in the nonprofit sector for almost 20 years and my dedication to heart-centered organizations is why I started Cindy May Marketing. I've committed myself to helping marketers and communicators like you connect with your target audiences, providing strategies that give you clarity, confidence and super savvy skills as you move your mission forward.

So let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Good news! All Mission Marketing School Master Classes are self-paced and that is oh so nice. No deadlines over your head unless you put them there. But, as an end-of-year campaign effort now is a great time to get started. 

The video training is only 45 minutes. 

Completing the exercises in the Execution Plan Workbook will vary for each person. It depends on if you’re starting from scratch or if you have some pieces in place (your email platform, messaging details and branding guidelines). 

However, the exercises in the workbook are direct, to the point and provide step-by-step guidance making the process easy to follow. 

No. You don’t have to be techie (I’m not either!) but you have to be willing to follow instructions and seek out guidance and support. Direction is provided inside the training, and if you hit a roadblock you can reach out inside our Facebook Community - Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

Mission Marketing School Master Classes are NOT like all the rest of the online training programs - believe me, I’ve participated and taught many!  Instead, these Master Classes are designed as comprehensive, step-by-step implementation plans with guided exercises, and group support (inside our Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits Facebook Group) to help you navigate through the process and launch your end-of-year email campaigns with confidence. 

That’s what sets it apart from all the others. The investment is extremely small compared to the value you’ll receive.

Instantly! As soon as you enroll in the Master Class you’ll receive TWO emails, a confirmation notice AND an email with login details to access the training and your execution plan.

Lifetime access. Once you’re in, you’re in! 

After you enroll, Cindy will email you directly to arrange a time for your November 1:1 Zoom coaching call. 

All sales are final for Mission Marketing School Master Classes.


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