Interview with Cindy

Read about the services Cindy provides, why she does what she does and the results that can be expected when working with Cindy and her team of email marketing experts.

How are you different from other marketing companies that provide nonprofits with digital communication and email support?

I ONLY work with nonprofits and mission- based organizations. And the reason for that is because I truly love nonprofits - all that they do and all that they stand for. 

For more than two decades I have worked with nonprofits because I believe nonprofits are essential to humanity and I want to be a part of that goodness. The missions that fuel the efforts of each of the 1.5 million+ nonprofits in this country make the world a better place for all. 

Nonprofits should be well known and highly supported. 

In my 20+ years of working with nonprofits I’ve found that through email (as simple as it sounds, which is in fact the beauty and power of email), we can help nonprofits get the awareness and support they need to deliver on their mission. So that’s what we do. With laser focus and strategic attention on developing, implementing and managing email marketing and communications efforts for nonprofits. 

What you get from me and my team is highly skilled email expertise that delivers measurable results. That’s why our clients love us. (Plus the fact that we’re fun to work with.) 

We value relationships and get to know each and every one of our clients and what drives them to fulfill the mission of their organization. We’re not a cookie-cutter email marketing company. Our approach is personal and hands-on and comes with a healthy dose of humor and encouragement too, which ALWAYS helps!. 

What can you expect when working with Cindy and her team?

Here's what just a few nonprofits have experienced.

“Without worry, weekly emails are sent to our actively engaged list of donors and supporters and year-over-year we have seen increased open rates AND an increase in donations when we run email fundraising campaigns too!”

Carol Dykes, CEO United Way of Northern Arizona

“With one single list building strategy that Cindy May Marketing developed for us our conversion rate increased to 39%!”
(average conversion rate was 9.21%)

Armando Bernasconi, CEO Quality Connections

“With support from the Cindy May Marketing team email is now our #1 engagement tool. It’s what drives the majority of our traffic to exhibitions and virtual events.”

Liz McGinlay, Development Director Museum of Northern Arizona

“Working with Cindy and her team helped us get more support than ever before through an end-of-year email fundraising campaign that was creative and fun to develop.”

Rommy Sekhon, Development Director, Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona

“Cindy and Team, I cannot thank you enough for your professional, fast, and innovative approach to the needs of Cancer Support Community Arizona. As a new nonprofit in the Northern Arizona region, you helped us develop our story and share our impact authentically through an amazing list building campaign that helped us reach so many people in need. This allowed us to do what we do best- provide the services that ensures no one faces cancer alone! I am grateful for your partnership as our digital marketing and communications gurus.”

Debbie DiCarlo, CEO, Cancer Support Community Arizona

“While there are many nonprofit marketing and communications professionals to choose from Cindy May is clearly one of the strongest, most talented, and more importantly, effective communications professionals out there. With the deluge of messages and information in the modern digital landscape it is a challenge to break through. Cindy has an incredible gift for crafting messages and developing relationship marketing strategies that reach and motivate the intended audience and market segment. Cindy has helped us to develop highly successful communication tools and relationship building opportunities that are allowing us to meet our mission. Let me encourage you to consider working with Cindy and her team if you want to make your marketing and communication outreach more effective and successful.

Richard Bowen, President / CEO, Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona

“Since working with Cindy May, we have noticed increased community recognition, support, knowledge and understanding of Goodwill, which is vital to our organization and mission. Cindy helped us truly connect with individuals so that they embraced what we have to offer and with that confidence, we’re able to do our best work. Plus, we’ve also experienced a noticeable improvement in customer traffic to our retail locations too!”

David Hirsch, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of Northern Arizona

“The way Cindy pulls together all the components of a marketing and communications campaign is amazing! She helped us catapult above the crowd in a way that was honest, sincere and compelling to our target audience. We have been noticed at local, statewide and national levels. I’d highly recommend using Cindy if you want your communications to get noticed and make an impact.”

Carol Curtis, Director, Coconino County Career Center

“The way Cindy and her team develop the content and the stories that reflect the impact we are making always amazes me. With her support, the communication outreach we do just through email has brought more awareness and support of our programs and services than ever before. In today’s world having a digital communications plan in place is crucial. With Cindy’s support you can be sure it’s going to be highly effective and well worth the investment.”

Steve Peru, Manager, Coconino County

“Working with Cindy and her team has been a fantastic experience. Cindy's vision and holistic approach to developing communications that reflect the value and impact of what we offer was amazing. She has helped us make great strides in refining our communications and connecting with the right people who value what we have to offer.”

Annette Zinky, Vice President, NACET

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