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7 Simple, Quick and Easy Summer Fundraising Ideas

events fundraising Jul 09, 2018

From years in the nonprofit sector, I know that many nonprofits tend to “go dark” in the summer months.

There’s lots of understandable reasons for this. Supporters might be out of town or would rather spend this precious time with family. Can you really get enough people - and raise enough money - at a summer fundraiser to justify the effort?

Plus, you’re already busy working on that big fall fundraiser - the gala, the fashion show, the awards dinner with high-end silent auction and fancy food. You are also probably already laying the groundwork for your end-of-year push.

But there are ways to create small summer events that will draw families and won’t take time away from your fall planning.

Small summer fundraising events can:

  • Keep your organization visible to the public and your supporters.
  • Encourage summertime donations (which might help take the pressure off your fall fundraiser or end-of-year fundraising efforts)
  • Allow you, your supporters and their families to enjoy casual, fun events that are simple and refreshing.

I can hear you now - oh no, not another event. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

My list of “7 Simple, Quick and Easy Summer Fundraising Ideas” has great examples that are mostly family-friendly (there’s one category of boozy adults-only options), can be organized simply and are way fun. No speeches, no hotel venues to rent, no elaborate menus. Just a fun time to remind folks about your cause - and raise a little money to fund your mission.

Because these are less formal events, you can also take advantage of social media and emails to get the word out, instead of printing postcards, banners, flyers or anything else that adds expenses to your budget.

My list includes things like ice cream socials, cornhole contests and walking your dog for fun, all with the benefit of driving donations. They also are great excuses for your supporters to come out to enjoy the great weather, get to know one another and do some good in the process.

Don’t let summer vacations be the excuse that keeps you from connecting. These ideas will keep your fundraising funnel going without elevating your stress levels so that you too can enjoy your summer.

Happy Summer Fundraising!

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