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Smart Marketing - Identify What Works Best and Ditch the Rest


An E-book Guide to Determining the Best Marketing Strategies for Your Nonprofit

Marketing is not a one size fits all conversation.

It’s something I’ve said in the boardrooms of many nonprofits as a board director, consultant and marketing manager.    

As appreciative and supportive as I am of a well-diversified board that includes the expertise of individuals from many sectors of business, when the conversation turns to marketing it can sure shake things up – and take an organization off track if you’re not careful.

Bright and shiny marketing strategies are often strongly suggested based on individual experience and views.

  • “We need to be present on all social media channels”
  • “We should start advertising on Facebook”
  • “We need a new website”

Traditional marketing strategies are recommended by those who aren’t as favorable of the latest and greatest.

  • “We need more go-old publicity”
  • “We should be advertising in the local newspaper”
  • “We should host a fundraising event every month” 

And the list of thoughts, ideas, suggestions and recommendations can go on and on.

Not that it’s all together bad. New and old marketing strategies are sometimes good to explore. 

But, for small nonprofits with limited budgets, staff and time - the use of marketing strategies that drive results from the get-go are essential. They simply don’t have the means to give every marketing strategy a test run.

Board director opinions will vary, and leadership will have their own marketing preferences too.

The key to marketing success is strategic development.

Doing what you know works best based on results, not trends.

That’s where I try to steer the conversation in the boardrooms of these nonprofits to help frame the focus needed to ensure the investment of time and money in marketing drives the results the organization needs.

It’s questions like:

  • How much support did we secure through events vs. online contributions in a year’s time?
  • Where did the majority of our new donors come from in the past six months?
  • What kind of response and engagement did we receive through our social media outreach?

They are questions that help reveal what’s working and what’s not working so the more subjective conversations about marketing can be taken into a more strategic direction based on the insight and information that shows what works best for the organization.

And in my commitment to helping as many small nonprofits as possible get the results they want and need through their marketing efforts, I’m very excited to share with you the exact tool I use to help small nonprofits develop highly effective and focused marketing plans that work. 

I’ve put together the marketing assessment questions I’ve used to gather the insight needed to identify the best marketing strategies for each individual organization in an e-workbook.   

This e-book includes a list of the exact questions I’ve used in my more than 20 years of developing and implementing strategic marketing plans for small nonprofits.

Answers to these questions provides a comprehensive snap-shot view of the marketing strategies that are currently delivering the best results. They are the ones that should be maintained and built upon, and can be defended and shared with your board and staff as proven strategies that work. 

There are questions that also reveal marketing gaps that are identified by the numbers. They are the ones that can frame the focus on what strategies should be explored further because they show promise.

Some questions also reveal what’s not working and opens up the conversation to ‘why’ and if it should be ditched or developed.

The use of what I call my SMART MARKETING E-BOOK GUIDE provides what is needed to make informed decisions about your marketing efforts. It combines sound insight with good data to give you the direction needed to develop a smart and strategic marketing plan.

As the leader of an organization you can answer the questions yourself, with your team or even with your board of directors to gain the focus and insight needed to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan.

It’s a powerful marketing tool that I am so excited to be sharing with you today.

Marketing is the part of your nonprofit that elevates awareness, allows you to connect and gives you the ability to serve those most in need. 

Grab your copy of my SMART MARKETING E-BOOK GUIDE today. Take the time to answer the questions and use the information to guide, develop and implement the most effective marketing plan that serves your organization and the people who are in need of the life changing programs and services you provide. 


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