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Nonprofits Make the World a Better Place - I’m Compelled to Help

It would be hard to imagine a world without nonprofits like yours.

Your tireless hours dramatically improve our lives, whether you are giving a voice to those who need it the most, improving the environment, adding to the arts or offering hope to those who feel abandoned.

The hard work you put into your nonprofit is the reason Cindy May Marketing was started almost a decade ago.

Because as a small nonprofit, I know there are struggles and challenges that you experience that are totally unique. You worry that if you take a day or two off, your mission will stop dead in its tracks. You worry about not only keeping, but finding new donors and volunteers to continue moving your mission forward. You worry about finding the resources that will allow your organization to truly make an impact.

You deserve to worry less so that you can do more to make the world a better place.

But to do so, marketing must be part of the mix. It is one of the most vital components in sharing, spreading, and growing your impact, and in moving your mission forward.

But I also know that marketing can be viewed as a whole new list of concerns on your already crowded plate:  

  • Your board thinks that marketing is just another expense that you can’t afford to spend money on
  • Marketing is too time-consuming
  • You don’t feel like you can master the ever-changing technical aspects of marketing
  • You need to hire someone to do the marketing for you - and on your current budget, you can’t afford to.

Do that sound about right?

Well the goal of Cindy May Marketing and the reason I do what I do, is to make sure marketing IS NOT one more thing you have to endlessly worry about. I want to take some of that weight off of your shoulders when it comes to growing your small nonprofit through your marketing messages - even if you are working with limited time or money.

Providing marketing insights, inspiration, tips, tools and strategies each and every week to empower nonprofits with the knowledge and know-how to market their mission with clarity and confidence, allows me to be a small part of making the world a better place too.

Below are a few of my most popular free nonprofit resources.

I’m continually adding nonprofit marketing resources to this page so be sure to check back often, or add your name and email to the notifications list so that you never miss a new marketing ‘freebie’ release.

Donor Attraction Guide:
This guide includes 5 SMART STRATEGIES to Attract Donors that most nonprofits miss.

With the small but mighty checklist inside this guide, you’ll discover foundational marketing strategies to attracting and keeping donors.



Nonprofit Publicity Guide:
Publicity is key to expanding your nonprofit’s message to a much wider audience. Here’s how to do it for free…





Nonprofit Storytelling Interview Guide: These interview techniques and questions will help to make the clients you serve feel comfortable talking with you so that you can tell the stories that embody your nonprofit's mission…


Freshen Up for Nonprofits FB Page: With billions of users and constantly changing algorithms, it’s important to keep your nonprofits Facebook page fresh and engaging- here's how…

And don’t forget there are many more complimentary nonprofit marketing resources on my RESOURCES PAGE - consider it your google go-to resource for help with marketing your mission so that you continue to make the greatest impact possible!

I’m cheering you on, and am here to help.


Checklist + Samples to make sure your donation page has all the essential elements needed to convert and collect donations!