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Capturing New Supporters for Your Cause

events fundraising marketing strategy Oct 09, 2017


How to Capture the Information You Need to Turn Event Attendees into Lifelong Donors

You know they’re out there.

The people who – if you could connect with them – would become passionate supporters of your nonprofit. They are your next donors, next volunteers, next ambassadors, maybe even the next person to join your Board of Directors.

The problem is you’ve got to find them.

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I hear you! It’s the #1 challenge nonprofits I’ve worked with for the past twenty years have – capturing new supporters for their good cause.

Interestingly enough, those new benefactors, who seem so elusive, might be closer than you think.

There are people who are aware of your nonprofit that haven’t fully engaged. Maybe they’ve seen your Facebook page, visited your website, or even attended one of your events as a guest of a current supporter or corporate sponsor.

But how do you convert them from a “passive” supporter to a full-throated cheerleader willing to donate time and/or treasure and advocate on your behalf?

The first step is getting their information – which sounds so simple and obvious, but I can’t tell you how many nonprofits don’t take advantage of these encounters to get names, phone numbers and email addresses.

It’s the first step in the process of connecting to potential donors so that you can educate and inform them of your good work. It’s where the relationship building process begins that inspires long term support that is unfortunately overlooked time after time, encounter after encounter and event after event.

But with the information I have to share with you today, I hope to bring this incredibly important missed donor opportunity to the forefront of your marketing efforts so that you’re sure to put the first steps in connecting with potential donors in place with a solid system that ensures donor development.

With my TOP 5 Contact Collection Tips I share how to capture the information you need to turn event attendees into lifelong donors. I identify prime marketing opportunities where you can get the names and contact info for your “warm” audience of potential new supporters so that you can start to build a relationship with them. And it doesn’t involve buying lists – or acting like a donor stalker. 😊

Some of the tips are “old school,” while others involve the latest (affordable) technology, but all of them will help you build your list of prospective supporters and increase your chances of transforming awareness into engagement.

So dive in and discover these easy steps that you can incorporate to leverage what you are already doing in a way that will let you identify and get the 411 on potential new supporters. You’ll get to connect with more heart-centered people like yourself and make more money for your organization in the process.

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