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digital marketing events fundraising marketing strategy social media Oct 02, 2017


How to Extend the Life of Your Fundraising Event and Exceed Your Goal

In the nonprofit world, annual events are the Academy Awards of your fundraising efforts. Whether it’s a fashion show, (one of my favs!) an awards gala or a golf tournament, these are the big-ticket items that bring lots of dollars to your bottom line…..or at least that’s the goal right?

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But, they are also some of the most stressful times for all those involved in making them happen. I know – I’ve organized my share. The planning of the event itself, looking for sponsors, selling tickets – the list seems endless.

And then, what happens if you don’t reach your goal? Or even worse, what if you lose money instead of making money? Yikes!

It’s time to shake off that worry and plan events with confidence and certainty that you will meet your fundraising goal, and I’m going to share with you how.

I’ve seen too many small nonprofits put too much time and effort into hosting events with little to no return and it’s just not right.

There is a way to leverage all your hard work to keep the dollars rolling in after your event is over and it starts with this simple but oh-so-good tip that is especially helpful for those of you with small non-profits that need to maximize those event dollars.

Here it is: Treat your event as a “kickoff” to your fundraising campaign, and let people know that they can participate long after the special occasion is over.

I told you. Super simple, but honestly the majority of small nonprofits make fundraising events a one-time hit. They put everything into it and when the night is over they start planning the next event. It’s exhausting! Burn out and bottom line blues are sure to follow, and that’s not good at all.

Here’s how you put that tip into motion and begin to leverage your event efforts so you can achieve or even exceed your fundraising goal.

Announce the fundraising goal at your event. It will give you the liberty to remind your supporters periodically of where you are at and how far you need to go - before, during and after your event.

Plus, it allows people who couldn’t be there on your special day to still contribute and join your cause. Remember, fundraising season tends to kick off strong in the fall and it’s possible your event will conflict with one (or more) nonprofit fundraisers. Plus, life happens. Some of your supporters might have work commitments, travel or other things that prevent them from attending your event.

All of this points to the next key steps that must be put in place in order to make this strategic move of extending the life of your event work for you, and not against you.

Please hear me on this, it’s super important.

Now that you’ve announced a fundraising goal that you are aiming to achieve within a defined period of time, it’s incumbent upon you to do all you possibly can to achieve that goal.

Here’s why.

If you leave the goal out there with no real strategic efforts to hit the mark within the defined time frame you’ve announced, you run the risk of your organization losing credibly. Start and stop fundraising efforts are damaging to an organizations reputation. Believe me, I know this first hand. I was involved as a board member with an organization who launched a campaign without defined focus and effort and it took years to not only raise the funds needed to deliver on the mission, but that much longer to be taken seriously as a respected nonprofit serving those in need.

So, to ensure you have the defined focus needed to extend the life of your event with credibility and results in achieving the fundraising goal you’re aiming for, I’ve got what I call a Marketing Maximizer Tool for you that will help you:

  • Build a larger community of supporters
  • Define the digital marketing follow-up process
  • Create a strategic structure to your outreach efforts
  • Maintain a positive position and receptiveness to the extension of your campaign efforts

It’s one of my best marketing leverage tools for fundraising success. It’s proven, it’s powerful and it works; I’ve used it many times over to help nonprofits hit their fundraising mark and even exceed their goals.

It’s an easy to follow Digital Fundraising Follow-Up Marketing Calendar that includes a very strategic flow to the frequency and themes of your digital outreach that you can follow to extend the life of your event a full month, and keep donation dollars rolling in to help meet or exceed your fundraising goal!

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