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I truly love nonprofits - all that they do and all that they stand for.

They are essential to humanity, and it is my passion to use the skills I’ve developed over the past 20+ years to help them get the recognition and support they deserve. So how did I get here? 

I’ve had the fortune to experience nonprofits from all sides of the equation. 

For many years, I was a nonprofit employee, helping further an organization’s mission. After that came a stint in the corporate world as the Corporate Community Development Manager of a statewide utility, where one of my main jobs was awarding large grants to local 501(c)3s. 

I loved it all. Each step proved to me that the journey takes you where you need to be when you use your gifts to do good for others. But a feeling deep down kept bubbling up that I could do more, particularly for smaller nonprofits that needed help to generate awareness and support.

In 2010, Cindy May Marketing was launched.

Then, after several years of assisting a variety of nonprofits (United Way of Northern Arizona, Goodwill, Boys and Girls Club and many others), I experienced one of those life-altering changes that can stop you right in your tracks.

In my case, it was a diagnosis of breast cancer. It was an experience that was scary and draining and terrible and humbling - but strangely life-affirming as well. I had a loving network that included doctors, family, friends and support staff. 

I found that I didn’t have to give up my passion to help others and my business thrived during my treatment. 

Not only that, the experience also gave me a unique perspective for my work because, now, I was a client needing the assistance of nonprofits.

I was the one who relied on the heartfelt mission of organizations like Cancer Support Community of Arizona. 

All of this just strengthened my passion and purpose to do what I believe is most important – using the skills, knowledge and experience I’ve gained over 20+ years and putting it in the service of mission-based organizations. 

If your nonprofit could use some assistance in getting the awareness and support it deserves, I’d truly be honored to help. Book a free email discovery call with me. I’d love to talk with you.


“Giving back and helping to make a difference is important and the bonus is being surrounded and inspired by so many dedicated and passionate people who give whole-heartedly for the greater good. It’s where I’ve grown and learned the importance of community.”

Cindy's Community Involvement

I've been honored, inspired and enriched by serving and learning through participation on these boards and educational programs.

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