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Yes, I do believe everyone has AMAZING gifts to share, and can do so every day.

It's those however that are dedicated to a mission of serving people in need and work tirelessly to make the world a better place that I am passionate about supporting.

Here you'll find marketing resources, tips, tools, and ideas that will help you bring greater awareness and support to your cause, accelerate your growth and create the impact you are compelled to make in this world.

It's my calling, my gift, and my purpose to support those who bring out the best in humanity.


Honored to Serve:

I am, by nature and experience, a cheerleader.

It’s been a large part of my life’s journey. Even got a scholarship to go to college based on it. (Technically it was baton twirling, not cheerleading, but close enough. And as an FYI, I twirled knives and fire so sometimes I can be dangerous.) 

It all comes from my parents – they raised me in a loving home with encouragement and support. They were big on doing good in the world, making a difference and enjoying the journey along the way. From them I got the confidence to be outgoing and the faith to be optimistic about people and the world.

My mom always said, life circumstances might make us look different but we’re all the same. Everyone wants and needs to be loved and that’s what brings us all together. AMEN Mama!

I was the first in my family to graduate from college with a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Northern Arizona University (special thanks to my twirling scholarship). My journey took me all over the United States as the marketing representative for a famous Native American artist.

Small town girl learning, growing and doing marketing in big cities was an awesome experience, but my downhome roots called me home.

My husband and I ultimately settled down in a mountain town, where we raised two children and I continued my career in marketing and public relations at several different levels – first for a family-owned business, then as the vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce, and finally as a Corporate Community Development Manager for a statewide utility. I enjoyed success along the way and discovered my strength in public relations and skill in marketing.

I loved it all. Each step proved to me that the journey takes you where you need to be when you allow your gifts to do good for others.

In 2010, Cindy May Marketing was launched.

It was a feeling deep down that kept bubbling up and calling me to help small nonprofits in my community generate the awareness and support needed to serve so many in need.

I gained the trust of many wonderful clients including United Way of Northern Arizona, Goodwill, Boys and Girls Club and many others. We did good work (made some mistakes too!) continued to grow and expand, until I experienced one of those almost inevitable detours that affect all journeys.  That thing, be it a personal tragedy or an economic downturn, that threatens to stop you and your organization right in your tracks.

In my case, it was a diagnosis of breast cancer.

It was an experience that was scary and draining and terrible and humbling - but strangely life-affirming as well.

From awesome doctors, to loving friends and family, to loyal clients, to a network of support staff, I found that I didn’t have to give up my passion to help others. The work continued, the clients were pleased and my business survived. Not only that – it thrived. My authentic and sincere belief and commitment to my clients came back to me many times over, for which I am eternally grateful. I now am cancer-free and heading a company that is twice the size it was when I was diagnosed.

I mention this because it was yet another lesson for me about the value of authenticity in building relationships as part of your mission. I truly believe that this is the key to experiencing personal and professional success that is truly reflective of you, your gifts and your greatness. It only comes when you show up as your authentic and true self. Your humor, your personality, your values, your beliefs, your triumphs and tragedies, but most importantly, your heart; that’s where your greatest happiness and most joyful moments lie. And they give life and meaning to your work with your organization.

My company has been built with passion and purpose to do what I believe is most important – helping others share their gifts and their passion to make the world a better place through their mission-based and heart-driven organizations. 

I know that you are also on a journey. If there’s any way I can help, I’d be honored to cheer you on and help make the voyage a little easier and infinitely more rewarding.

Thank you for reading! 



“Giving back and helping to make a difference is important and the bonus is being surrounded and inspired by so many dedicated and passionate people who give whole-heartedly for the greater good. It’s where I’ve grown and learned the importance of community.”

Cindy's Community Involvement

I've been honored, inspired and enriched by serving and learning through participation on these boards and educational programs.

Honored to Serve:


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